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  • School Property Developers, LLC, an affiliate of SouthEast Properties, has been selected as the Hinds County School District’s development partner. Our focus is to create a quality development on the school district’s property which enhances the entire community of Byram while maximizing the long term income for the school district.
  • The strategic location of this property at the corner of Terry and Siwell Roads, off Interestate-55, is truly the “heart” of Byram. For this reason, we are spending a great deal of effort in getting the design right.
  • We are excited about the future incorporation of Byram which will give this growing bedroom community its own identity along with the municipal services it deserves.
  • The demographics show that Byram has grown in population over 20% in the past 10 years which we expect to increase at a faster rate in the future. And, now the current HH income exceeds $59,000. A 7-mile radius from Byram Town Center site reveals a total population of 72,000 people.
  • The income derived from this project will enable the Hinds County School District to continue its “excellence in education” while providing for the future growth and needs of the school system.
  • We are just beginning the process of the design phase. After getting input from community leaders such as the interim mayor and board of aldermen as to what they would like to see in this development, we set out to design a “town center” which incorporates a quaint downtown district which will set Byram apart.
  • Our initial design will include future City structures including city hall and other municipal buildings, a new and improved library, and a community center with an auditorium to use for large gatherings. These city services will be designed within a master plan that includes retail shops, restaurants, service and professional offices, as well as entertainment options for families.
  • Ample use of green areas will be employed for outdoor activities including a central gathering area to use for family entertainment and city, community and school sponsored events.
  • The mixed-use, open-air design will incorporate one and two-story structures, wide sidewalks and lots of trees and landscaping. Ample use of street lights on narrow streets with attractive pavers will encourage pedestrian use and discourage fast moving automobile traffic. Parking lots will be strategically located behind or beside buildings – not your typical “sea of asphalt”.
  • We have already received a great deal of interest from retailers not currently in this market. When fully developed, this project will bring in new tax dollars and jobs for the residents of Byram.
  • We believe that the opportunity to plan a town center before incorporation is truly unique – and one that many communities would only hope for! This will be a new beginning …in the heart of Byram. Byram has an exciting future and we are thrilled – yet humbled - to be a part of it.

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